Net Impact LA hosts a variety of events including impact investing panels, social enterprise tours, group hikes and local volunteering. Have a great idea for an event? The Net Impact Los Angeles team would love to hear from our members and other organizations. Send us a message!

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In an effort to consolidate all events happening in the social impact space of Los Angeles, Net Impact LA has been partnering up with key players in the community such as Conscious Capitalism LA, Green Business Networking, Sustainable Business Council, and others to develop a Master Calendar.

Step 1: Sync Master Calendar to Your Google Calendar:

a) Access the Social Impact LA – Master Calendar here: www.bit.ly/socialimpactLAcalendar

b) Add the calendar to your Google Calendars via the “+” button on the bottom-right

Step 2: Follow instructions here to sync the master calendar with your mobile devices:


Now your google calendar will automatically update as our calendar updates!