The Largest Conference For Eco Businesswomen Returns in August

Since 2009, the Women in Green Forum has been holding space for and building community among the growing number of women who are leading the charge into sustainable and socially responsible business enterprises. Produced by Three Squares Inc., the conference has grown to become the largest international conference for women in the environmental industry. 

On August 16th, the 9th Annual Women in Green Forum will convene at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel with pioneers in the environmental movement, drawing an international audience of sustainability experts including academic researchers, CSR executives, energy analysts, and technology developers.

We had to a chance to catch up with Miranda Goss, project coordinator at Three Squares Inc., ahead of the upcoming event. 

Net Impact Los Angeles: Tell us about this year's theme for the conference.

Miranda Goss: The Forum’s 2018 program is built around the theme “The Future // Reimagined.” Speakers will focus on the future of tech and its environmental potential through sessions on topics ranging from blockchain to satellite imaging to automated workforces to augmented reality. We're convening the world's brightest minds and most successful change agents actively shaping a future where positive impact is the rule, not the exception. Travel with us to Earth in the 22nd century, where technological advancements paired with sustainability innovations serve as building blocks for a greener and bluer planet.

NILA: What inspired the creation of the conference?

MG: Three Squares Inc.(TSI) produces a number of environmental conferences and tradeshows for clients across the globe. Back in 2009, a prominent keynote speaker at one of these events commented to TSI’s President, Jaime Nack, about the lack of diversity in the audience and on stage. A discussion ensued about the fact that there were women running agencies and leading corporate efforts around sustainability plans and, yet, they were not being represented at these industry events. Given this inconsistency, Jaime felt compelled to develop the Women in Green Forum. Her vision was to create a venue to promote women’s leadership across the environmental industry, and to channel our efforts on building a better world where both genders have equal access to and are involved in leadership and decision-making.  

NILA: How has this community grown since its inception?

MG: For the inaugural Women in Green Forum, we offered a Lifetime Membership to all full-price attendees as a way of saying "thank you" for supporting the launch. The membership offered a lifetime free pass for those attendees to return year-after-year and engage as active members of the community.  This unique approach was the first step in creating a long-lasting tradition and community of professionals supporting each other in their career endeavors. Since then, our community has grown and continues to attract an international audience of change-makers every year. Lastly, we ensure our network is extended to the next generation of sustainability leaders by incorporating a Youth Mentorship Program, which offers students the opportunity to connect with experienced industry professionals and scholarship so that they are able to attend their first professional conference free-of-charge. The spirit of generosity has been woven into the Forum since day one and we believe that is why the event is so popular and sells out in advance every year.   

The 2018 Women In Green Forum is this August 16th in Los Angeles, and they're offering our members a 10% discount on ticket prices. Click here to register.