This Scarf Helps Bring An Epidemic Out of the Shadows

Sexual assault is proving to be one of the largest, yet most invisible epidemics of our time.

More and more survivors are coming out of the shadows every single day to shed light on the events that have altered their lives. And serve as beacons for those who still feel isolated in the darkness.

They need our support.

Show Your Courage is “an organization that is working to build a community that publicly supports survivors of sexual trauma with a visible symbol of support through scarves and pocket squares. With hopes of reaching positive change through a variety of social initiatives, a portion of the proceeds are donated to organizations that promote healing for survivors and education for prevention.”

The ‘I Believe Her’ scarf is a reminder to victims that they are not alone, they are supported, and most importantly, they are believed.

Show Your Courage gives a percentage of its profits to organizations committed to making the world a better and safer place, including the Dressember Foundation, Impact Personal Safety and Girls Inc.

We had a chance to talk to one of the co-founders about the work they are doing.

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Net Impact Los Angeles: What inspired the three of you to come together for this project? Have you worked together in the past?

Show Your Courage: The main catalyst that launch this project was the testimony given by Dr. Christine Blassey Ford during the supreme court nomination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. That along with personal accounts of sexual assault shared with us individually by loved ones and friends and seeing an overwhelming number of accounts being reported online and in the news provided us with the inspiration to try and make a difference. 

Paul and Becky are married and have worked together on design projects. When Becky told him the idea of making a scarf he instantly knew Shleigh would be a good fit. Paul had worked with Shleigh previously, Shleigh as a Textile Designer and Paul as an Interior Designer. 

NILA: What was the thinking behind the "I believe her" message that is central to the products?

SYC: The main message was directed at survivors of sexual assault. We wanted them to know, no matter what, that they have a community that believes in them and in their experiences.  We want survivors to know that when they see someone wearing a scarf, they have someone that will support them, listen and most importantly, believe them.

NIL:A How did you begin to work with your non-profit partners? Especially Dressember, for which you made the Journey scarf.

SYC: Our relationships with the non-profits really grew organically. When we started telling out friends and family about our newly formed company they had connections to others that they were able to introduce us to. We heard about Dressember through the yoga studio that Shleigh attends. The yoga studio was taking part in a fundraiser in November and asked if we wanted to join in with them. Through the event we met with the Dressember team and talked about ways we could help them as their vision and mission aligned with our own. We've connected to Impact Personal Safety, Girls Inc and Unleashe through networking opportunities and research. More collaborations, similar to the Dressember Journey Scarf, are in the works. 

NILA: What's next for Show Your Courage?

SYC: We want Show Your Courage to be a resource for visitors. We want supporters and survivors to be able to visit the website and find resources for how they can get help and how they can help others. We are not professionals in the field so our goal is to help spread the word and give others the tools they need to live the best life they possibly can. By building a local community we can create a place where people feel safe and can tell their story. Another goal is to inform and empower younger people to help stop this epidemic from continuing.  We are not only a support and resource for victims but an advocacy for change in future generations.