Impact Investing 102 Recap

Thanks to you, Impact Investing 102 turned out to be one of our biggest events of the year!

Over 80 attendees joined us at General Assembly in Santa Monica to learn how to make their money a force for good in the world.

After food and drinks to settle participants in, a short presentation illuminated exactly what impact investing was. 

Then it was time for the panel discussion.


The discussion was lead by Greg Wendt (Director of Integrated Solutions and Senior Wealth Advisor at Stakeholder Capital Wealth Management), a serial social entrepreneur who builds impact investment opportunities for his clients.

Participating in the panel were:


Nathalie Molina Nino (CEO, Brava Investments), who helps scale companies that achieve parity for women globally, has experience in growing global companies, and has advised organizations in the for-profit (Disney) and non-profit (Bill & Melinda Gates) spaces.


Jesse Simmons (Investment Analyst, Align Impact), who develops metrics for the "additionality" of impact investments across the risk spectrum, allowing investors to most effectively align their values and their investments.

The conversation on impact investing is officially underway, and we hope to learn more about your values and goals for how to empower and expand the impact investing community in Los Angeles.

More events in this series will be announced in January!

Check out our upcoming events here.

And be sure to watch this recap video to see how the evening unfolded:

Hosted and Organized by Net Impact Los Angeles
Filmed and Edited by: Justin Yeh, Net Impact LA Marketing Director

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Special Thanks To:
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